Terms of business

1. General provisions
Travel agency LORI (hereinafter: the agency) provides accommodation services as an intermediary or representative of private renters on the basis of a contract in the name and on behalf of the renter concluded between the agency and each individual renter.
These terms of business represent a legal obligation for the agency and for the client as a service user.
The client is required to read these terms and conditions before booking accommodation.
By paying an advance or the full amount for the agreed accommodation, the client confirms that he has read these terms of business, and that he fully agrees with them.

2. Reservation
Accommodation reservation is possible after payment of 30% of the amount for the agreed accommodation.
The basis for booking accommodation is correspondence via e-mail between the agency and the client. After the client decides to make a reservation, the agency sends him the details for the advance payment.
Advance payment is possible only by bank transfer. All costs of money transfer from the sender’s bank shall be borne by the client.
The client is obliged to pay the amount of the advance within 2 days (unless otherwise specified) from receipt of payment information, in order for the reservation to be valid. After receiving the payment, the agency sends the client an electronic confirmation of the reservation as well as an invoice for payment of the rest of the reservation and other information from the landlord.
The remaining amount is paid directly to the landlord in cash on the day of arrival. Entry into the accommodation facility is possible after 14.00 h on the first day of the booked accommodation and exit from the facility is until 10.00 h on the last day of the booked accommodation

3. Tourist tax
According to the Law on Sojourn Tax of the Republic of Croatia, the client is obliged to pay the sojourn tax at the same time as paying for the accommodation service.
The sojourn tax prescribed by the Sojourn Tax Act of the Republic of Croatia is HRK 7.00 per person per day for adults. For persons aged 12-18 the sojourn tax is reduced by 50% and persons up to 12 years of age do not pay the sojourn tax. Some places in Croatia have smaller amounts for the sojourn tax (depending on the categorization of the tourist place). The sojourn tax is not included in the price (unless otherwise stated) and is paid directly to the landlord.

4. Price of service
The price for each accommodation facility is listed in the price list on the presentation page of a particular facility. The price refers to the night in the accommodation facility and includes the use of water, el. energy, gas, kitchen utensils, bed linen, towels, one parking space, air conditioning, and final cleaning. Bed linen and towels are changed once a week. The client is obliged to clean the accommodation facility despite the fact that the final cleaning is not charged.
For some facilities, some services are charged separately (eg air conditioning, parking …) and in this case it is stated on the presentation page of the facility. All possible extra services are paid directly to the landlord.
The price of the service does not include any type of insurance against people and things.
The prices presented on the agency’s website are based on the contract with the landlords and do not have to correspond to the prices published on the price lists in the facility where the client resides. Any difference in price cannot be the subject of a complaint. The agency reserves the right to change prices. For clients who have already paid an advance or the entire amount for the reservation, the agency guarantees the agreed prices.

5. Cancellation and change of reservation

Cancellation by the client is possible by e-mail.
In case of cancellation, the agency applies the following cancellation fees:

0% of the amount of the booked accommodation if the cancellation is 60 or more days before the start of using the service

30% of the amount of the booked accommodation if the cancellation is 59 or less days before the start of using the service

100% of the amount of the booked accommodation if the guest does not show up at the accommodation facility by 24.00 on the first day of the booked accommodation and has not canceled the reservation or notified the agency of any delay or change of arrival date.

A change of reservation is possible if there are appropriate dates for a new reservation, provided that the reduction of the day of stay does not reduce the amount of the previous reservation, and in case of increasing the day of stay the price increases according to the price list. In case of arrival of more people than the accommodation facility anticipates or bringing a pet, the client is obliged to inform the agency in advance, and the agency will inform the client after the agreement with the landlord whether this is possible and if so, under what conditions.

6. Obligations of the agency
the obligation of the agency is to take care of the implementation of the agreed services, the rights and interests of the client in accordance with good customs in tourism, and therefore responsible to the client in case of non-performance of the service or part of the service. The agency excludes any liability caused by force majeure (eg major weather conditions, fires, floods, earthquakes, riots, death or serious illness of the landlord or his immediate family members).

7. Obligations of the client
The client is obliged to have the correct travel documents, to respect the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the Republic of Croatia, to comply with all laws and customs of the country he is visiting, and to cooperate with the agency in good faith. For any damage done in the accommodation facility, the client is obliged to compensate the owner in full. The client is entitled to a complaint and compensation for non-performed services, which he paid. All complaints are resolved on the spot. Subsequent complaints are not accepted.
If it is not possible to reach an agreement, the Court in Šibenik has jurisdiction in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

8. Transfer
Transfer to the accommodation facilities and back located on the islands (fishing houses) is organized by the renter with his own or rented boat and the agency does not take any responsibility due to delays or some other
troubles, which are possible given the specific conditions in which this type of service takes place (weather troubles at sea).
Also, the agency does not take any responsibility for possible damages if the client of the fishing house rents a motor boat from the renter. These services, ie transfer and boat rental, are paid by the client directly to the lessor and the agency presents them on its website only informatively for the client.

9. Protection of personal data
The client voluntarily provides personal data. Personal data is required to carry out the requested services. The same data will only be used in communication between the agency and the landlord. The Agency undertakes not to pass on the client’s personal data to a third party.