Fishermen houses on the island Murter and Kornati

Our offer includes the rental of fishing houses located on the island of Murter, on the islands near Murter and on the islands of the Kornati archipelago. Staying in fishermen’s houses is a special experience due to specific conditions such as separation, isolation from the settlement, crowds …

Precisely because of this, these houses are also called Robinson houses. Yet these houses have everything you need to stay.

The energy is solar (12 V, some houses have 220 V) but only devices that consume little energy can be used (mobile phones, TV, cameras …) Water is mostly rainwater and the same should be used rationally.

The fridge and stove operate on gas. The coverage of the gsm signal is quite good.

In our offer you will find fishing houses that are completely secluded, then less secluded fishing houses, as well as those located in small fishing villages. And we also have fishing houses that are accessible by car.